R.J. engaged my professional services to support her in producing her Overseas Qualifications Recognition Route QTLS portfolio. 

Below is an extract of feedback to R.J. about her QTLS portfolio, from S.C., Head of Professional Status, Institute for Learning, about R.J.'s  application for QTLS.  August 2013

I have re-visited the webfolio of evidence, in particular the mapping to the Professional Standards which is of an excellent standard and for which I would highly commend your efforts, R. as one of the best examples that I have seen, so thank you very much for providing that.   It made me wonder if you might give me permission to use parts of it as an example to others who sometimes request additional help in doing this, although, of course, I would need to anonymise any personal evidence.

You can read RJ’s comments below:

Nigel is a truly exceptional mentor who was often held up as an example of what a model teacher should be, he possesses a strong sense of integrity and responsibility. Nigel finally helped me to understand how to develop my Professional Formation. He made it so clear and easy to understand. "In life there are those that talk about doing and those that actually do. Nigel is the latter. He is a dynamic person who inspires others to get involved, to share openly and honestly and he is a man with high ethical standards. He is insightful, often observing fundamental elements of a problem that others have missed and then clearly explaining those issues to allow others to work with him to work out amicable solutions. Working with Nigel was very inspiring.

R.J. Teacher at Surrey School. June 2013

I have worked with Nigel when he delivered training to myself and other colleagues in my previous role. Nigel's expertise in his area of specialism is second to none, and he is able to answer sometimes challenging questions or queries with ease. He is extremely personable.

J.M.  Apprenticeships Co-ordinator Kaplan Financial,  Formerly Skills Trainer at Barnardo's  October 2012

 I attended the CIEH TSP course run by Nigel.

By far the best presented and most engaging course I have been on to date; in house or externally run. Great value trainer with a fantastic, dynamic, real life approach to running a course. Look no further.”

A. H.   Group Fire, Health and Safety Manager at Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc  December 2011

Nigel is an excellent trainer who doesn't just fulfill the criteria for training, but goes into further detail so you get exactly what you want out of the training to make you a more effective team member in your workplace. I can't rate him highly enough.

D.P.  Information and research officer at Bradford LINk December, 2011

"Excellent course.  I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, learned lots, had fun, and eaten well"

P.C. Northern Foods

"Fantastic course, well presented and delivered"


"Positive, relaxed that made it fun, therefore easy to understand and enjoy - Training should be done in this sort of environment.  Thank you"

C.W. Herbert Brown

"I thought I had a good idea of how to train before this course (well sufficient anyway!).  I now know that I knew nothing about how it should really be done.  Thank you so much for everything.  Amazing Tutors: Presented the course in a manner second to none.  Perfect duo."

L.L. Kream Training

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