QTLS and ATLS Mentoring

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status provides external recognition of excellence for education and training professionals that work in post-compulsory education and training, i.e. the Learning and Skills Sector.  QTLS provides equivalence to Qualified teacher status (QTS) and continues to be supported by the Institute for Learning and the Education and Training Foundation

Gaynor and Nigel were among the first in the country to become Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) licensed practitioners.  We are experienced mentors for those completing their PCET teaching qualification and have 100% success record for those qualified teachers we have  mentored through the process of Professional Formation with the Institute for Learning (IfL).

We are happy to advise FE organisations, or work with individuals during their journey through Professional Formation, leading to successful achievement of QTLS or Associate Teacher Learning and Skills (ATLS) status.

We also recognise that you may be a teacher working in the Compulsory Sector that missed your opportunity to gain QTS.  Unfortunately this severely restricts your employment and progression opportunities.  This is not an uncommon scenario and we have had success working with teachers in this situation enabling them to achieve QTLS.  Since April 2012 QTLS is legally recognised as equivalent to QTS and therefore QTLS will enable you to work as a fully qualified teacher in the Compulsory Sector, enhancing your progression opportunities and remuneration package.  If you are in this situation and would like to discuss the opportunity to achieve QTLS as an alternative to QTS, please do get in touch by following this link.  You may like to read the testimonial, very generously provided by a teacher (RJ, June 2013)  we supported in these circumstances by clicking here.

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