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Skills4Caring and Gaynor Rogers Training Consultancy.  As a group, we recognise that not everyone can claim to be able to do everything in terms of vocational expertise (unlike many training companies that seem to claim they can do everything!).  So, although we each have our own companies we work together for mutual benefit and for the benefit of our clients.  That way if, for example, your organisation needs to focus on business improvement, lean management, etc. I would refer you to Gaynor Rogers, who is a specialist.  If you needed trainer training it would be me, etc.

It is a brilliant arrangement ensuring that our clients always receive outstanding service to meet their needs.  Obviously we all have cross-over skills in common and often work on projects together and deliver training together as a team. 

We believe It is a quite unique approach, as most of our competitors do just that: compete; whereas we like to cooperate because we love working together and this is reflected in the positive feedback we receive from our clients.