DTLLS Portfolio:

On this page you will find links to all the documents that you must include in your portfolio of evidence that will support the achievement of your DTLLS qualification.  We suggest you begin by downloading the document:

DTLLS Portfolio Structure and Content

You will notice that the DTLLS Portfolio is divided into three sections.  Section one contains information about you and your employer along with contractual and authentication information.  Some of these documents will be sourced by you, e.g. CV, Job Description, etc. and some are provided by us and can be downloaded below:

Participants Signature List

Learner Statement of Authenticity

Centre and Candidate Details

DTLLS Course Outline and Calendar

Induction Checklist

Learner Agreement

Section two contains evidence of your personal development and reflective practice throughout the DTLLS course.  This section must be updated regularly to demonstrate how your self-reflection is influencing your development.  This is also where you will include the evidence matrices that map all your evidence to the outcomes and assessment criteria for the units of the DTLLS qualification. The forms to help facilitate this may be downloaded below:

Individual Learning Plan

DTLLS Initial Assessment & Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan 2012-14 & Guidance Notes

General Reflections - optional (Reflective Journal about DTLLS sessions, action research, etc.)

Section three contains all the evidence relating to your teaching practice in the Lifelong Learning Sector.  This section is where you will store your completed assignments and other reflective tasks relating to your teaching practice.  Again, all the documents for your observations, self-reflections on your observations, etc. can be downloaded using the links below.  However, much of the evidence in this section of your portfolio will be generated by you as part of your normal teaching practice, e.g. Lesson Plans, Sheme of Work, etc.:

Evidence Index

DTLLS Teaching Log

Preparation for Teaching Observation (TO 1)

Tutor Feedback on Teaching Observation (TO 2)

Subject Specialist/Mentor Teaching Evaluation and Feedback (TO 4)

Reflection on Teaching Observations (TO 3)

Lesson Plan Self-reflection and Evaluation (for non-observed lessons)