Last Opportunity for Fully Funded L5 Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

August 24, 2013
We are very pleased to announce that we have forged a partnership with London based, highly respected, CCP Graduate School (  to deliver DTLLS in 2013 / 2014. 

This partnership brings with it several additional benefits for our Higher Education students:

  • Access to the full package of funding from the Student Finance England (  This means that our DTLLS students will be able to apply for a full Course Fees Loan and, depending on personal circumstances,  may be eligible for a Maintenance Loan, Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant.  Even if you already have a Higher Education qualification, e.g. Degree, Honours Degree, Masters Degree, etc.  you will still be able to receive a Course Fees Loan covering the full value of this Initial Teacher Training, DTLLS, course.

  • Access to CCP's on-line learning environment, e.g. Moodle.

  • The opportunity to complete this qualification, as an in-service option, i.e. while you are working as a teacher / trainer, by 30 September 2014.

  • The opportunity to transfer credits from your existing QCF teaching / training qualification such as: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Assessor qualification, IQA qualification, Level 3 and Level 4 Learning and Development qualifications, etc.

  • So far as I am aware, we are the only training provider in Yorkshire that can offer you the DTLLS course on this basis with this level of funding.  Remember that ours is a fully taught course, not distance or blended learning.  We believe that teacher / trainer training has much more impact and is therefore far more effective, when taught in a classroom environment where you can interact effectively with your tutors and your peers.

Achieving the DTLLS qualification will allow you to progress through Professional Formation to gain Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status.  This is, by Law, equivalent to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and therefore enables you to work in schools as well as in the Further Education, Lifelong Learning sector.  Following your successful achievement of DTLLS, we are very experienced and happy to support you through the process of Professional Formation to gain QTLS status.

If you read my previous blog dated 5th April and updated 19 July you will find more information about teaching qualifications and the changes that are currently occurring in Initial teacher Training.

If you are interested in finding out more, or wish to apply for our DTLLS course commencing September / October you need to apply now as we begin enrolling students 29 August and demand is high so the remaining places may be limited.

We'd love to hear from you!

I want to become an FE Teacher - What’s happening with Initial Teacher Training qualifications? - UPDATED 19/07/2013

April 5, 2013
If you are currently thinking of becoming a teacher, trainer or tutor working with adult learners, i.e. age 16+, your options for gaining an appropriate Initial Teacher Training (ITT) qualification may currently seem a little difficult to understand.

In this blog I will attempt to explain what’s happening and what your options are now.

Firstly, if you haven’t visited the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LISIS) website, you should!
The Information there ma...
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URGENT NOTICE: Professional Formation - gaining QTLS / ATLS and IfL

May 23, 2012

Different people at IfL seem to be giving different responses to this question:

Will IfL accept expressions of intent for Professional Formation after 31 May 2012?

I have spoken to three different people at IfL, all within the section that handle enquiries about Professional Formation, and been told NO by two and DEFINITELY YES BY one.  Then at 21:41 last night, 22 May, I received this email:-

Dear Nigel

 Thank you for your email.

 The report you refer to is an interim report, so we do...

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Professionalism in Further Education

April 12, 2012
How things change!  In August last year I responded to the question "Do I need a PTLLS qualification?".  That question has never been more topical than it is currently.

Have you read the Interim Report established by the Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning, "Professionalism in Further Education", March 2012?  You should if you are a training/teaching professional in the Lifelong Learning Sector.  It certainly isn't evolutionary; more like a ticking bomb of the...
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The new Learning and Development qualifications are now available!

September 29, 2011
Originally due for release on 1st April 2011 these eagerly awaited qualifications are finally available.  The wait has been worth it though, because the new Level 3 and 4 Awards, Certificate and Diploma look really good.  The new qualifications are as follows:
  • Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Learning and Development
  • Level 3 Award in Facilitating Learning and Development
  • Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development
  • Level 4 Award in Learning and Developm...

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“Do I need the PTLLS Qualification?”

August 25, 2011
My previous Blog about the assessor qualifications seems to have stimulated a similar question but this time about qualifications to teach and specifically the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) qualification.

Where to begin with this question?  Beware of acronyms!!  In September 2007 the government introduced new regulations to reform the training and qualifications of teachers, tutors, trainers and instructors.  These qualifications affect all those delivering learnin...
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“Do I need an assessor qualification?”

August 25, 2011
This is a question I am being asked increasingly since the introduction of qualifications within the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).  There was, and still is, a common misconception that assessor qualifications would be redundant as NVQs were phased out to be replaced by QCF qualifications.

I can understand the logic:  The A1 (or D32/D33) qualification was a requirement to assess NVQ qualifications, therefore if NVQs disappear the qualification isn’t required.

However, firstly, NVQ...
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